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  Why use a Cruise Specialist?  

Why use a Cruise Specialist?

There are many ways to reserve a cruise but really only one good way to plan one. Experienced cruisers have learned that having someone who “knows the ropes” is very helpful in creating a good cruise travel experience.  

Many first time cruisers believe that using a cruise agent will cost them more.  We receive our compensation from the carrier and do not “mark up” the cost of the cruise, so your costs are not increased by using us.

In the current market environment, pricing is virtually standardized in terms of rates that a cruise agent, online seller or cruise line direct planner will see. That’s because the cabin rates they see all come from the cruise line themselves on a common computer “feed”. Cruise lines generally discourage rebating and discounting and for all practical purposes rate quotes are consistent.

One thing a knowledgeable cruise agent does bring to the party is that they don’t have a built in bias to one line over another. We may have our personal favorite, but we also know that to get you as a repeat customer the important thing is that we get the cruise that is right for YOU and not for US. We can view multiple cruise lines, departure dates and promotions to develop the best offer available. And, we will look for "specials" once you've narrowed down your choices.  We will research all of the programs available to see if you are eligible to take advantage of any or all of them.

Next time you are going on a cruise take a friend along – a good, knowledgeable cruise agent. You’ll be glad you did.

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